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Volunteering in emergencies

When there is a disaster, you may be interested in registering to lend a hand during recovery operations.

The State Recovery Office, part of the Department of Human Services, is responsible for managing the needs of affected community members and will work with Volunteering SA&NT in planning and managing the volunteer effort.

Register to help

Go to the Volunteering SA&NT website to find out about emergency recovery volunteering after the 2019/2020 bushfires.

You may or may not be contacted to take part in a volunteering activity, depending on need.

You can also show your interest in volunteering by registering through the WeDo app.

What happens next

Volunteering SA&NT will refer potential volunteers to emergency services organisations like the Country Fire Service (CFS) and State Emergency Service (SES) or humanitarian organisations like Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity or Samaritan's Purse. If you don't hear back straight after you register, don't think you aren't needed. By far the biggest need for volunteers occurs in the weeks, months and years following a disaster.

To receive appropriate training before an emergency occurs, you are encouraged to join the Volunteering SA&NT training sessions so that you are trained and ready to start before an emergency event.

What to expect when you volunteer

As a volunteer in post-disaster recovery operations, it is expected that you will:

  • support the work of the team
  • be flexible and reasonable in accommodating team requirements where possible
  • treat those in need, other volunteers and workers with respect and courtesy
  • be open, honest and fair in your volunteer role
  • take responsibility for your own health and safety and not put the health and safety of others at risk
  • participate in training, briefings or coaching necessary to your voluntary duties
  • take responsibility for staying informed
  • use information gained in the course of your volunteer work with sensitivity and discretion and observe confidentiality and privacy requirements
  • help to maintain a harmonious workplace and recognise the value of diversity.


State Recovery Office

Volunteering SA&NT
Phone: normal business hours - 8221 7177, during an emergency - 1300 782 322

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