Disaster recovery

Emergency accommodation and relocation

In an emergency you may need temporary accommodation or have to relocate while your home is rebuilt or repaired.

Emergency accommodation

The state government may set-up temporary relief centres which offer short-term shelter immediately after an emergency. Phone the South Australian recovery hotline on 1800 302 787 for details.

Also check with your insurance company as they may cover you for emergency accommodation.

Address change

If you have to relocate, you will need to notify a range of people about your change of address. You should begin by notifying:

  • insurance companies
  • financial institutions
  • employer
  • family, friends and neighbours
  • local post office - to hold or forward mail
  • phone and internet suppliers
  • gas, electricity and water suppliers
  • police, if the disaster is under investigation
  • schools
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Centrelink if you receive a government allowance
  • Medicare
  • pet microchip, registry
  • drivers licence, motor vehicle registration
  • your superannuation provider.

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