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Essential services

Utilities such as electricity, gas and water are likely to have been shut off or disconnected during a disaster.

The suppliers for your power and water supplies will need to send a qualified tradesperson to inspect and repair any damage to your services and arrange for them to be reconnected.


To report electricity outages or fallen powerlines and to check updates visit the SA Power Networks website or phone 13 13 66.

Supply can't be reconnected to a property until the safety of electrical wiring has been confirmed with an Electrical Certificate of Compliance from a qualified electrician. Customers who don't have access to an electrician can contact the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) on 8272 2966.


For natural gas supply outages contact your gas supply company and for gas leaks phone the free 24-hour gas emergency and leak reporting service on 1800 427 5325.

Mains water and sewerage

To find out if your mains water supply is safe to drink or to report a fault in metropolitan and country South Australia phone SA Water:

See the SA Water website for information on:

Emergency toilet

If you don't have access to a working toilet you can make one yourself or purchase a toilet kit (waste container, seat and privacy shelter) from a camping or outdoor store.

Make a toilet

A bucket toilet can be set up in a bathroom or laundry using a watertight container such as kitchen rubbish bin or a bucket with a snug fitting cover:

  • Line the container with plastic bags.
  • Pour or sprinkle a small amount of household disinfectant such as chlorine bleach into the container each time the toilet is used to reduce odour and germs.
  • Keep the toilet covered.
  • Remember to dispose of waste in accordance with local council and health regulations.

Emergency toilets - Wellington Region Emergency Management

Phone and internet services

To find out about network outages in your area check with your network service provider - eg Optus, Telstra or Vodafone.

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