Temporary accommodation checklist


The site plan for temporary accommodation must show the location of:

  • the accommodation
  • property boundaries (include dimensions)
  • other buildings and structures
  • existing trees and vegetation
  • access points.

The council must have notification of the intent to seek approval for a new dwelling.

The building must be used as accommodation by the owner of the land.

The accommodation must be:

  • removed within 2 years, or until a replacement dwelling is occupied - whichever comes first
  • a minimum of 20 metres from any remaining or regenerating vegetation and a clearance area maintained.


The building must:

  • meet the National Construction Code (NCC) for a habitable building:
    • footings and structural support
    • weatherproofing
    • facilities including a laundry, kitchen, toilet and bathroom
  • be fitted with a working smoke alarm and fire extinguisher
  • have a dedicated fire-fighting water supply with a domestic tap fitting:
    • 2,000 litre if connected to mains water
    • 5,000 litre  if not connected to mains water
  • ensure wastewater is disposed of through, or connected to:
    • an approved wastewater system
    • SA Water sewer
    • council community wastewater system.

Other criteria

  • Approval could be needed from the easement beneficiary to carry out works within an easement.
  • Contact your local council about public and environmental health requirements.
  • You must have a bushfire survival plan which includes leaving early on days of heightened fire danger, or when there is a bushfire in the area.

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