Emergency preparation

Shelter in or escape your home in an emergency

Everyone in your home needs to know what to do if you are confined to your home as danger is very close, or if you need to escape or leave in a hurry.

  • Identify exits and alternative ways out of the house and how to open windows and shutters, especially in case of a house fire.
  • Decide where to meet outside the house, such as your driveway.
  • Identify where to shelter inside the house depending on the type of emergency - eg if there's an earthquake, and you're indoors, stay there and shelter under a strong table, or if there’s a flood move to higher ground.
  • Know that if you're in a bushfire the safest place is either away from the fire or you'll need to take shelter away from the radiant heat (which is deadly) in a solid structure such as your home.
  • Know where to turn off electricity, gas and water supplies.
  • Know the location of your written emergency plan.
  • Know the location of your emergency kit and whereabouts of items to be added to the kit at the last minute such as medicines.

Regularly practice your escape plan, including at night with the lights off.

Remember to always leave keys in deadlocks and window locks when you are home for easy escape if you need to leave in a hurry.

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