Prepare your vehicle for an emergency

To be able to act quickly in any disaster, your emergency plan should cover the possibility of needing your vehicle to drive away from danger. If this happens, it’s important to have your vehicle ready.

Emergency kit for your vehicle

Keep a kit of emergency supplies in your vehicle. This kit should include:

  • food that won't spoil
  • bottled water
  • first aid supplies
  • battery-operated radio
  • torch and batteries
  • charge/USB cable for your mobile phone
  • jumper leads
  • a suitable fire extinguisher and woollen fire blanket
  • rope and a tarp
  • basic tool kit
  • a reflective warning triangle
  • a copy of your emergency plan.

Prepare your vehicle

If an evacuation seems likely, keep a full tank of fuel in your car, check tyre pressures (including the spare) and make sure the jack is in the vehicle. Remember that petrol stations may be closed during emergencies or they may not be able to pump during electricity outages.

Driving away from danger

If you are evacuating in your vehicle:

  • leave early enough so that you are not trapped by hazards - eg fire and flood
  • follow recommended evacuation routes as some roads may be blocked
  • watch out for dangers such as washed-out roads and thick smoke
  • never drive into flooded areas as you won't know what is in the flood water or the depth of the water
  • stay safe while travelling in the bushfire season
  • stay tuned to your local ABC radio station for warnings and information about road conditions.

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