Emergencies and safety

Animals in emergencies

Your animals are your responsibility. Failing to plan ahead for your animals' safety during an emergency puts everyone’s lives at risk. Make sure to:

  • include your animals in your emergency plan
  • practice your plan - animals may act erratically during an actual emergency event
  • act early to move your animals to safer places if required
  • ensure animals have access to food and water
  • don't risk human life trying to find and protect animals.

Pets and assistance animals

The RSPCA South Australia provides information on how to plan for the safety of your pets and assistance animals in emergencies, as well as what to do in different emergencies including bushfires and extreme heat.

RSPCA South Australia

Animal safety in emergencies


Horse SA has a comprehensive site on plans for 'stay or go', how to prepare your property and how to recover from an emergency event.

Horse SA

My horse disaster plan

Large animal rescue


For individual animals affected by vehicle collisions, storms or hot weather, seek expert advice from:

  • a VET
  • RSPCA South Australia - phone 1300 477 722
  • Fauna Rescue or phone the Wildlife Hotline on 8289 0896.

During other large-scale emergencies, such as bushfires, wildlife issues can be referred to  South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM) or RSPCA South Australia. These organisations are coordinated during an emergency by PIRSA Agriculture and Animal Services (AAS). Phone the AAS hotline on 1800 255 556.

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