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Uniforms and dress code

Most schools have a uniform or a dress code that:

  • sets clear guidelines about the type of clothing that students can wear to school
  • ensures health, safety and decency standards
  • is practical for a wide range of physical activities and weather conditions
  • connects the student with the school
  • helps all children feel comfortable with their classmates
  • is cost effective.

Guidelines for school uniforms and dress codes in South Australia vary from school to school.

Who decides on uniform policy

School councils decide the uniform policy in consultation with the school community. When making decisions about dress code, school councils think about the costs for parents and try to keep these as low as possible.

Cost effective options for uniform and dress codes may include:

  • bulk buying or ordering of clothing by the school
  • uniform exchange services
  • second hand clothing services
  • financial assistance in the form of loans, time payment or subsidy
  • loan of dress code clothing that the student returns when he or she outgrows them or leaves the school.

To find out about the uniform of a specific school contact the school directly.

More information about school uniforms and dress codes in government preschools and schools is provided in the school dress code procedure.

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