Student-free days and school closures

Student-free days

Public schools organise student free days when all staff at a school are required to attend training and development. Schools may also close on days of local significance. Out of school hours care (OSHC) is available on these days. To find out the dates of student free days and scheduled closures - contact your school.

School closures

Bush fire

Schools and preschools located in areas with high to extreme risk of bush fire will close on days catastrophic bushfire weather is forecast.

The list of closed schools and preschools will be updated as information becomes available.

Weather events

Major weather events that may cause school closures will be listed on the education department's website and Facebook page.

Early dismissal

Students may be dismissed up to one hour before normal closing time on the last day of the school term and the last school day before the Easter long weekend. Parents and carers are notified in advance.

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