Custody issues in education

In most cases, both parents have a say when making decisions about long-term issues such as where their child goes to preschool or school.

Unless a court order states otherwise, each parent has equal, shared parental responsibility for their children.

School or preschool obligations

Schools and preschools are responsible for educating and caring for all enrolled children. They have no role in resolving or taking sides in family disputes.

Parent obligations

If there are changes in family circumstances that may affect your child you should:

  • let the preschool or school know immediately and
  • provide a copy of all court orders to the preschool or school as soon as possible.

You should also notify the school or preschool in advance if:

  • there is a change in arrangements for collecting your child for an appointment, or after school
  • you need to change the emergency contacts for your child. (Emergency contacts should be people you would trust your child with overnight.)


Contact your local school principal or preschool director.

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