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Counselling in schools

Sometimes students need help to manage things that are happening in their lives. Counselling can help students develop the skills and confidence they need to be more independent in the future.

Types of counselling in schools

School-based counsellors work in partnership with learners, parents and caregivers, educators and the broader community to optimize student learning.

The school-based counselling service offers:

  • support to encourage attendance, behaviour and learning at school
  • personal counselling to help manage relationships with family, teachers and peers
  • support to manage issues
  • crisis responses
  • course and career guidance
  • advice, support and referral to therapeutic and other support services beyond the school

How to arrange to see a counsellor

Talk to the school to find out about counselling, or related services that may be available through the school.
Parents can also see the counsellor if they have concerns or want to discuss learning and behavioural issues. Contact the school to make an appointment

Keeping it confidential

School counsellors keep your information confidential. In some cases the counsellor may ask for your consent to share your information to help resolve complex problems. They will only share information without your consent if:

  • they are required to do so by law
  • they are concerned about a person's safety.

Records of meetings kept by counsellors must be stored in a secure place.

Other counselling services

Below are links to counselling services available outside of school:

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