South Australians studying overseas

Secondary school student exchange programs

If you are a secondary school student in South Australia and you would like to study overseas, improve your foreign language skills, experience a different culture and make new friends, you can participate in a student exchange program. Student exchanges can be from one school term to one school year.

How to begin

Book your exchange through a registered exchange organisation which includes schools and private organisations.

Registered student exchange organisations in South Australia

Student exchange organisations in SA are registered by the Education Standards Board. For a list, please see the Education Standards Board’s Student Exchange Organisation Register.

Tertiary student exchange programs

An increasing number of Australian students study part of their qualification in an overseas institution through a study program.

In addition to experiencing new cultures and learning new languages, students may also gain an advantage in joining the workforce by completing a part of their studies overseas.

Formal student exchange programs

All three major universities in South Australia offer their students the opportunity to complete part of their Australian qualification in a partner university overseas.

Current students can apply at their university to study abroad. For information on student exchange programs including eligibility criteria, cost and travel see:

Applying for a place in an exchange program

You must apply through your university. The international office at your university can guide you through choosing an institution and a range of other information you will need. Once your application is successful, your university will help you plan your exchange and travel arrangements.

Study costs

Exchange students continue paying tuition fees as usual to their South Australian university while they are overseas - they do not pay the host institution.

Exchange students may also be eligible for financial assistance from the government while overseas. Use the 'What am I eligible for?' tool on the StudyAssist website.

Study abroad programs

Study abroad programs also allow students enrolled at an Australian institution to undertake study with an overseas institution, but students are not normally covered by an agreement between their home provider and their host institution.

During a study abroad program:

  • your SA university does not have a formal exchange agreement with the overseas institution
  • you usually need to take leave from your SA university by deferring your course for a semester or two
  • you usually pay fees to the overseas institution upfront
  • you usually need to apply directly to the institution overseas
  • you need to check with your SA university international officer whether you can receive credit for study abroad subjects.

Study costs

You may also be eligible for financial assistance from the government while overseas. Use the 'What am I eligible for?' tool on the StudyAssist website.

Travelling and living overseas

Before travelling and living overseas you should check the Smartraveller website.

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