Sun protection in schools and preschools

Sun protection policy or sun smart policy

While most schools in South Australia have air conditioning, government schools and preschools must have a sun protection policy.

Schools and preschools refer to the Cancer Council SA website when developing a sun protection policy:

Schools and preschools may also have a sun smart policy to minimise the danger of ultraviolet radiation exposure for children. That policy will usually:

  • encourage students to play in shaded areas
  • require students to wear sunscreen
  • require students to wear appropriate sun protective clothing and broad-brimmed hats - no hat, no play
  • be supported through a combination of classroom programs that complement the health and physical education curriculum.

Exceptional early dismissal for extreme heat

In exceptional circumstances, on days of extreme heat (36 degrees or above) or in the event of an extreme heatwave (declared by the State Emergency Services), students may need to be dismissed early, subject to parent consent.

Schools and preschools will notify you as soon as possible before students are dismissed early. Staff remain on duty on days of early dismissal.

Ask your school or preschool for information about their policies.

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