Report bullying and harassment

Find out how to report bullying or harassment in an education setting or for cyberbullying.

How to report

Do the following if you suspect your child is experiencing bullying or harassment.

Step 1: Work out if the incident involves bullying or harassment.

Step 2: Prepare to make a report. Write detailed notes about the incident. This includes:

  • what happened
  • when it happened
  • where it happened
  • who was involved
  • who saw it happen.

If a mobile phone or website was used as part of the bullying:

  • save messages and the details of the sender
  • record information about the websites or social networks used
  • provide names of your internet service provider or mobile phone provider.

Step 3: Report the bullying or harassment.

For incidents at school

Step 1: Make a time to meet with the appropriate contact at the school - refer to your school’s local bullying prevention policy for reporting procedure.

Step 2: Raise the issue with the school - bring your prepared notes.

If you're not satisfied, contact the Education Department Customer Feedback Unit.

For cyberbullying

Step 1: Refer to eSafety Commissioner website for detailed information about cyberbullying.

Step 2: Report the incident to the social media site, gaming site or another app.  Refer to The eSafety Guide for reporting guidelines.

Follow these steps if the website, game or app does not remove the content, and the cyberbullying is serious enough:

  1. Collect evidence.
  2. Make a report to eSafety Commissioner.
  3. Prevent further contact with the site, game or app.
  4. Access support.

Bullying at university or vocational education and training (VET)

Use the information you noted about bullying and harassment to make a report.


The University of South Australia has a student complaints resolution policy that provides information to students on their options and how to report discrimination and harassment.

Flinders University has a no bullying at Flinders policy that advises staff and students on how to report bullying and where to get support and further information.

Adelaide University provides information about unacceptable behaviour and how to deal with bullying and harassment.


TAFE SA provides information on their website about harassment and bullying which includes how to report it.

Registered Training Providers (RTOs) - find your RTO and visit their website or contact them directly.

Bullying that may be a criminal offence

If you think the bullying involves a criminal offence, you can report the matter to the police.

If you feel you’re in immediate danger, contact the South Australia Police on Triple Zero (000).

If you require police attendance, call 131 444.

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