Feedback and complaints about a school or preschool

Anyone who has been affected by a decision or action at a school or preschool can make a complaint or give feedback. This includes a failure to make a decision or take action. Your complaint or feedback may be about:

  • the type, level or quality of service
  • staff behaviour and decisions
  • a policy, procedure or practice.

How to make a complaint

Always speak to your school or preschool first

Start by talking to the teacher or original decision maker. Explain the issue and give the staff member time to follow up. Refer to these pages to help you prepare:

If you're unhappy with the result

Contact the principal, preschool director or a member of the site leadership team and make a time to speak with them. They will work with you to resolve the issue.

If you feel the matter has not been addressed

If you're not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the Customer Feedback Team.

Start now

A staff member will contact you and explain the steps they will take. If you prefer to give your complaint details to a customer service officer, phone 1800 677 435.

If you're not sure who to contact to make a complaint or provide feedback, for example if it’s not about a school or preschool, you can contact the general enquiry line on 1800 088 158 or email for help.

Help to make a complaint

For help to lodge a complaint, there are support services available. Refer to support for making a complaint.

Will I be treated fairly?

You will not be discriminated against if you make a complaint. All staff are bound by the Code of Ethics for South Australian Public Sector. This requires staff to act impartially, fairly and equitably.

Other options

If all avenues to resolve the complaint have occurred and you're still not happy, you have the right to refer a complaint to an external body such as the South Australian Ombudsman or the Education Standards Board.

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