Preschool and kindergarten services

At preschool your child will learn through play-based programs designed and delivered by qualified teachers. In South Australia, 'preschool' and 'kindergarten' are the same.


Your child is entitled to one year of preschool. Find information on preschool and kindergarten enrolment on the Department for Education website.


It's important that children are immunised because it helps to protect them and others from vaccine-preventable diseases.

When you enrol your child in their preschool you will be asked for a copy of their current immunisation record.

Find out more about immunisation requirements for early childhood services on the Department for Education website.

Progress reports at preschool

Preschool staff make observations about what children know, what they can do and what they understand. This information is analysed and reported to parents in various ways.

See preschool progress reports for parents for further information on how children are assessed and reports available to parents.

Support for children with additional needs or disability

If your child has additional needs or disability they might be eligible for extra support at their preschool.

For more information visit disability support at preschool or contact the director of your child’s preschool.

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For more information contact your local preschool.

For preschool intake date enquiries contact the Department for Education:

Phone: 8226 1000 or free call 1800 088 158

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