Deaf and hard of hearing - school children

Students with hearing loss, as well as their parents and teachers, can make use of specialist support services and resources. These are available from the age of diagnosis to the end of high school.

Individual amplification devices, such as hearing aids are available through Hearing Australia until the age of 26.

Arranging support services

  1. Schools work with families to discuss concerns.
  2. The school consults with Student Support Services, fills in a referral form and gets parent or guardian consent.
  3. The local education office advises parents or guardians when they receive the referral.
  4. The nominated support service contacts the school to arrange the services needed.
  5. The school develops a learning plan with input from the student, their parents or guardians, allied health professionals and a special educator (hearing). This details the support required and the responsibilities of each party.

Schools for the deaf and hard of hearing

There are a range of services for children and students with hearing loss, including several schools with specialised programs for those with significant hearing loss.

Contact the schools for more information and to enquire about enrolment criteria.


Klemzig Primary School - phone 8261 1944
Warradale Kindergarten - phone 8296 1035

Primary schools

Brighton Primary School - phone 8296 3614
Klemzig Primary School - phone 8261 1944

High schools

Adelaide High School - phone 8231 9373
Avenues College - phone 8261 2733

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