Equipment and assistive technology for school students

Access equipment helps children and students with physical disabilities to access the curriculum. Assistive technologies give students with disabilities greater independence and access to the curriculum on the same basis as their peers.


Equipment is available for students who attend public preschools, kindergartens or schools.

The need for equipment or technology must be documented in the student's Negotiated Education Plan.

How to apply

You must complete a request form, accompanied by an assessment report from a health professional:

Access equipment

While newer kindergartens and schools have disability access, portable wheelchair ramps are often loaned for use in older centres as required. Other access equipment for loan includes:

  • portable wheelchair ramps (short term loan only)
  • toileting equipment such as portable over-toilet commodes and frames, toilet chairs, toilet supports, toilet step and rails
  • hoists and slings for lifting students
  • electronic change tables to assist lifting and handling
  • seating to meet postural and low-vision needs
  • corner chairs.

Assistive technologies

Assistive technologies available for loan include:

  • laptops
  • iPads
  • digital pens
  • switches
  • alternative keyboards:  big keys, clevy or intellikeys
  • alternative pointing devices: mice, trackballs, touchpads, joysticks
  • Perkins Braillers
  • closed circuit televisions.

Audiological equipment

A soundfield system can be used to overcome background noise and improve the signal to noise ratio from the teacher to the hard of hearing child or young person. The special educators hearing can arrange a short term loan of a soundfield system for use at the  school.

Soundfield systems for preschools can be negotiated through the Hard of Hearing Early Intervention Service located at SERU.

If the trial is successful the school may then decide to obtain a soundfield system through external means.

For more information phone the Special Education Resource Unit.

Equipment and technology loans

Short-term loan

Short term loans of up to 4 weeks are available so teachers can trial and evaluate the equipment. This helps identify the equipment that meets the student's needs.

Long-term loan

If trial loans are successful, assistive technologies are provided on long term loan for students with a significant physical disability or severe vision impairment to access curriculum.

Long term loan access equipment and assistive technology are loaned for the duration of the student’s schooling. If they move to another school the equipment is transferred to the new site with them.

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Special Education Resource Unit
Phone: 8235 2871

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