Learning plans for personalised learning

Personalised learning plans – known as ‘One Plans’ – support school and preschool students to reach their learning potential. One Plans are developed with input from the student, their teachers, and their family.

Children who are supported with a One Plan are:

  • Aboriginal children and Aboriginal young people
  • Children and young people in care (under guardianship)
  • Children in preschool with extensive adjustments
  • Students with disability.

About One Plans

One Plans support, document and provide direction for your child’s ongoing learning.

They help create an accessible, engaging and challenging learning environment for when your child attends school or preschool.

Setting up a One Plan

Teachers work with the child, and their families, to build an understanding of the student’s current needs.

Personalised learning is then designed for student’s individual needs.

What’s included in a One Plan

One Plans describe the support each student needs to get a balanced education.

It includes information to:

  • build on personal strengths, interest, motivations and aspirations
  • highlight specific learning priorities and goals
  • focus on reasonable, effective and adjustments, extensions and support
  • identify ways to provide a culturally supportive learning environment
  • support children through times of transition
  • assist parents and carers in supporting their child.

Reviewing a One Plan

Student’s learning and achievement is monitored and reviewed throughout the year.

The plan is also formally reviewed every year. Participants negotiate, agree and approve the updated plan.

For more information contact your local preschool or school.

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