Every bus registered in South Australia must comply with the code of practice for buses (COP).

The code was reviewed in 2016 to align the inspection items with the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual, and include new inspection items that are common in modern buses - eg ABS and neutral safety switch.

Buses manufactured before 1 July 1988 must meet all the requirements of the COP. Alternative requirements may apply to buses that were manufactured to comply with Australian Design Rules.

Download the Code of practice for buses (1.5 MB PDF) and note any changes that apply to you.

Mandatory maintenance scheme

The COP sets out minimum inspection and maintenance requirements to be carried out by the owner of a bus. These requirements should not replace any higher level of regular servicing procedures determined by the owner or recommended by the manufacturer of the bus.

Both printed and electronic copies of MR1090 can be submitted, however the electronic documents must be presented on a device that enables a vehicle inspector to read and understand all elements of the document.

MR1090 is available here:

Paper copies of the new form will not be made available.

MR1090 must be signed by the person who conducted the inspection - electronic signatures will not be accepted.

Vehicle Standards would prefer that bus owners and operators to use the latest version of the form MR1090, but will accept previous versions until supply runs out.

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