Buying and selling a vehicle

Selling a vehicle

When you sell any registered motor vehicle, including caravans and trailers, you must complete and lodge a disposal notice within 14 days. Penalties apply for failing to do this.

You should make sure that the notice of disposal is complete and contains, where possible, the client/licence number of both the seller and the buyer.

What to do when you sell

1. Sign the application for transfer

The seller and the buyer must complete and sign the application for transfer of registration. This is on the back of the registration details certificate or the top section of the registration details certificate if printed from a mySA GOV account.

If you authorise the transfer of registration you must give the application for transfer to the new owner.

Please note:

  • The seller of the vehicle must provide the registration details certificate.
  • The registration certificate must show the details of the person or business who is selling the vehicle.
  • It is in your best interests to retain the details of the person you have sold the vehicle to including their South Australian client/licence number if possible.

2. Complete the disposal notice

The disposal notice is printed on the back of the registration or registration details certificate, or the lower section of the registration certificate if printed from a mySA GOV account.

3. Lodge the disposal notice

You must lodge the the disposal notice within 14 days. You can lodge the disposal notice:

Registration and registration details certificate

For light vehicles a registration details certificate is supplied when you receive your registration renewal. If you have a mySA GOV account your registration details certificate is available electronically through your customer portal.

For heavy vehicles your certificate of registration is supplied at the time of registration.

If you do not have a registration details certificate, or certificate of registration, you can get a copy at any customer service centre by paying the replacement fee.

mySA GOV account holders can print the registration details certificate from their account at any time. When selling the vehicle, the registration certificate must be given to the buyer.

What can happen if the buyer doesn't transfer registration

Where a notice of disposal is lodged by the seller but the transfer of registration has not been lodged by the buyer, the seller may experience ongoing issues relating to a vehicle which they no longer own. This can happen when the buyer's South Australian client/licence number is not provided on the disposal notice.

Issues can include fines or traffic infringement notices being sent to the seller as the last registered owner of the vehicle. If this happens, you should complete a statutory declaration and send it to the authority that issued the notice, advising them that the vehicle has been disposed of.

Cancelling the registration when you sell

When selling a vehicle, you may want to cancel the registration and surrender the number plates to a customer service centre. If you cancel the registration of a vehicle, you will receive a refund for the unused portion of the registration.

For the buyer to relocate the vehicle, they can either apply to register the vehicle in their name or apply for a short-term unregistered vehicle permit. Permits are available from a Service SA Customer Service Centre or online through a mySA GOV account.

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