Vehicle registration

Compulsory third party insurance exemptions

Driving without registration and CTP insurance

You may drive a vehicle without registration and CTP insurance on South Australian roads only in the following situations:

  • using a vehicle to fight a fire that threatens life or property, in which case the vehicle may be driven to and from the fire via the shortest route
  • using a self-propelled wheelchair or other motor vehicle of a prescribed class (not a motor car) by a person who requires it because of a physical infirmity
  • driving a motor vehicle onto a wharf for loading or unloading cargo
  • moving a self-propelled lawn mower to or from a place where it is used to mow
  • driving a motor vehicle with trade plates, providing it is being used in accordance with conditions applying to trade plates
  • towing a motor vehicle (other than a trailer) by a tow truck.

In order to gain exemption in these situations, the owner or driver of the vehicle (except a wheelchair) must have a public liability insurance policy that indemnifies the owner or driver for losses up to five million dollars in damage to property or death or injury arising out of the vehicle's use on the road.

Driving without CTP insurance

You may drive the following vehicles without CTP insurance on South Australian roads:

  • a tractor or agricultural machine that is conditionally registered and is being used to pull agricultural implements, prescribed agricultural machinery and trailers
  • a registered motor vehicle owned by a primary producer that is being used to pull an unregistered agricultural implement or agricultural machine
  • an unregistered prescribed agricultural machine being driven to:
    • move it across a carriageway by the shortest route
    • move it from a point of unloading to a work site by the shortest route
    • enable it to perform a special function on a carriageway that it is designed to perform.

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