Creating a cycling friendly workplace

Benefits of a cycling friendly workplace

For employers

  • Gain the reputation for being a healthy and environmentally responsible place to work
  • Reduce sick leave.

For employees

  • Cycling to work will incorporate valuable exercise into your daily routine
  • Save time and money while gaining health and wellbeing benefits such as being healthier, happier, and more productive at work
  • Contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions, road congestion, noise and parking problems.

How to encourage and support employees to cycle

A lack of facilities is one of the greatest obstacles preventing people from cycling to work. The following measure will encourage and support cycling in your workplace.

Showers, change rooms and parking

Provide good quality facilities that include secure bicycle parking and changing rooms, lockers and showers.

  • Survey employees about their current and potential needs.
  • Conduct an audit of current facilities. Consider possible space for bicycle parking. Use standards and design guidelines to determine the type and number of facilities required.
  • Consult widely to establish protocols for use and management of facilities, allowing for infrequent and seasonal users.
  • Monitor the use of facilities.

Secure bike parking

Provide secure, easy to access and conveniently located bicycle parking for employees and visitors. Examples include:

  • a purpose built (or adapted) room or enclosure
  • a designated, enclosed area of an already existing indoor car park facility
  • a purpose built, sheltered outdoor enclosure
  • an appropriate number of secure bicycle lockers
  • bicycle rails that enable both wheels and the frame to be locked.

Good facilities encourage riding to work

Good quality change rooms, showers and locker facilities encourage riding to work and demonstrate a serious commitment. Facilities can also be used for those who play sport or go jogging.

If it's not possible to have showers and change room facilities in your building, you may be able to negotiate with nearby buildings to use their facilities.

Other ways to promote cycling in your workplace

  • Gain management support
  • Appoint a workplace bicycle coordinator
  • Provide information and resources (eg. maps for route planning and spare tools in the bike room)
  • Encourage the use of flexi-time for cycling to and from work (eg in daylight and off peak for beginners)
  • Encourage, subsidise or provide membership to bicycle organisations that provide insurance for cyclists
  • Provide on-site bicycle maintenance in liaison with a local bicycle shop
  • Promote, subsidise or provide a cycling skills proficiency course
  • Provide information via emails and the workplace intranet
  • Promote workplace cycling facilities (eg official launching of new facilities)
  • Establish a bicycle user group
  • Promote the use of secure bike lockers at public transport interchanges
  • Link people who live in close proximity and arrange bicycle buddies for beginners.

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