Driver accreditation for large or small passenger vehicles

Before you can drive a public passenger vehicle for hire, fare or reward in South Australia you must have South Australian driver accreditation.

Driver accreditation is issued for a maximum period of three years or in line with your Working with Children Check or Driver’s Licence expiry, whichever is sooner.

All South Australian accredited drivers are required to:

  • hold a current full South Australian driver’s licence, not subject to any conditions such as provisional, probationary or suspended
  • have held a full Australian driver’s licence for a minimum of six months
  • have a valid Working with Children Check issued by the South Australian Department of Human Services
  • have a National Criminal History Check issued by SA Police (SAPOL) or an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited body
  • meet minimum requirements for fitness, medical and eyesight assessed by a medical practitioner in accordance with the National Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines for commercial vehicle drivers
  • be eligible to work within Australia
  • be sufficiently competent in speaking, reading and writing English.

Taxi drivers must also successfully complete an approved training course.

Motorcycle riders must successfully complete the Commercial Operator Motorcycle Course.

Driving safely and meeting obligations

South Australian Accredited Driver. Sample licence.

In addition to the South Australian laws in place to protect users of the road, there are additional requirements for drivers responsible for the safety of their passengers.

While working, accredited drivers:

  • must have zero blood alcohol levels and be drug free
  • must display their photo ID accreditation
  • cannot refuse a passenger with an assistance dog
  • cannot discriminate against a person because of the person’s sex, race, disability, age, marital status, sexuality or pregnancy
  • cannot drive a public passenger vehicle if their driver’s licence is expired, suspended or disqualified, or has been cancelled.

Drivers who disregard these requirements may face either temporary or permanent disqualification of their accreditation.

The information provided relates to the requirements of the South Australian government. It is recommended that drivers also ensure that they are aware of any policies of their associated booking service or operator accreditation.

Driver accreditation categories

South Australia offers the following categories for driver accreditation.

The types of vehicle you can drive is based on your driver accreditation category.

Taxi (TX)

  • Taxis in South Australia (metropolitan and country) display a distinct taxi number plate, taxi company name and have a taxi roof sign atop the vehicle.
  • A taxi may be hired by making a booking through a designated taxi company, at a taxi-cab rank or hailed from the side of the road.
  • Taxi drivers must complete a Taxi Driver Training Course, conducted by an approved training provider, prior to being granted accreditation.
  • Drivers exclusive to driving country taxis only require Small Passenger (SP) driver accreditation.

Small Passenger (SP)

  • Small passenger vehicles have a seating capacity of 12 or less (including the driver) and include rideshare vehicles, chauffeur vehicles and country taxis.
  • Bookings for journeys must be made. Drivers cannot accept passengers who hail the vehicle from the side of the road, nor can the driver stop at a taxi-cab rank, except for country taxis who may provide these services.
  • Along with the requirements for driver accreditation, additional training may be provided by an accredited operator or rideshare provider.
  • Operator accreditation is required when providing a rideshare service.

Large Passenger (LP)

  • Large passenger vehicles have a seating capacity of 13 or more and may be booked for tours, corporate work or private hire. Some may provide route services under contract or approval to the government.
  • Drivers of large passenger vehicles must hold an unrestricted drivers licence class of LR, MR, HR, HC or MC.
  • Drivers of Adelaide Metro buses must hold Large Passenger (LP) driver accreditation.

Motorcycle (MC)

  • Motorcycle accreditation allows passengers to book a motorcycle and rider and be taken for a journey, usually a tour or special event journey.
  • A motorcycle driver must successfully complete the motorcycle competency tests, which consist of a theory component and a practical test to assess a person’s ability to handle a motorcycle with a passenger. This course is run through Rider Safe and may be booked by calling Service SA on 13 10 84 or attending a customer service centre.

Horse Drawn (HD)

  • Horse drawn accreditation applies to horse and carriage journeys where a passenger may book the service beforehand and engage the operator of the horse drawn service for special events or for tourism services (eg Victor Harbor tramway).
  • The horse drawn operator is responsible for the driver of the carriage and that it is operated in a safe and proper manner on public roads, and that the driver is aware of the road rules in relation to horse drawn vehicles .

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