Driver accreditation for large or small passenger vehicles

Before you can drive a public passenger vehicle for hire, fare or reward, you must have South Australian driver accreditation.

Driver accreditation expires every three years or in line with your child-related employment screening clearance or working visa if less than three years.

All South Australian accredited drivers are required to:

  • have held a current full Australian driver’s licence for a minimum of six months, not subject to any conditions, such as provisional, probationary or suspended
  • have a child-related employment screening clearance which includes a national criminal history check
  • meet minimum requirements for fitness, medical and eyesight assessed by a medical practitioner
  • have Australian citizenship, Australian residency or a valid working visa.

Taxi drivers must have also successfully completed an approved training course and the following assessments:

  • knowledge of Adelaide
  • understanding English
  • driving.

Driving safely and meeting obligations

In addition to the South Australian laws in place to protect users of the road, there are additional requirements for drivers responsible for the safety of their passengers.

While working, drivers:

  • must have zero blood alcohol levels and be drug free
  • must display their photo ID accreditation
  • cannot refuse a passenger with an assistance dog
  • cannot discriminate against a person because of the person’s sex, race, disability, age, marital status, sexuality or pregnancy
  • cannot drive a public passenger vehicle if their driver’s licence is expired, or has been suspended, cancelled or disqualified.

Drivers who disregard these requirements may face either temporary or permanent disqualification of their accreditation.

The information provided relates to the requirements of the South Australian government. It is recommended that drivers also ensure that they are aware of any policies of their associated booking service or operator accreditation.

How to apply

If you don't have a current child-related employment screening clearance

Before you can apply for driver accreditation you must have a valid child-related employment screening clearance issued through the Department of Human Services (DHS). A clearance is valid for three years from date of issue.

Fill in the Child-Related Employment Screening application (143.0 KB PDF) to create an account and email to the Accreditation and Licensing Centre (ALC) at

The  ALC will submit the screening application on your behalf and you will receive an acknowledgement email from DHS with a separate email for your login details to access the online application process. DHS will release your clearance information back to the ALC when completed.

The standard timeframe for processing applications can be up to 30 business days (six weeks). You will be notified when your application has been completed and your clearance information is with the ALC to consider when you submit your application for driver accreditation.

If you have an existing child-related employment screening clearance

If you have an existing  clearance for child related employment, you will need to submit a Child related employment - release of criminal history outcome consent form (195.5 KB PDF) to the ALC.

This can be submitted by email to, by post or in person.

Arranging medical and eyesight certification

An application for driver accreditation is required to confirm that the driver does not suffer any physical or mental incapacity that would impair their ability to work effectively as the driver of a public vehicle.

A single medical certificate of fitness covers the medical requirements for both driver accreditation and licensing.

All clients with a driver accreditation will be sent a MR713 Certificate of fitness for heavy vehicle and commercial drivers  (1.8 MB PDF) when it is due (a purple medical form).  You will be required to visit your medical practitioner and/or specialist in order to complete the form.  You need to complete sections1 and 2 before your appointment and your medical practitioner can complete sections 3 and 4, and the declaration in section 5.

The completed certificate will provide a general overview on your medical condition and help determine your fitness to drive a public passenger vehicle and assist passengers.

Register for taxi driver training

Metropolitan taxi

Applicants who wish to be an accredited taxi driver in metropolitan Adelaide must successfully complete training through a registered training provider.

Register to attend an information session at one of the registered training providers.

Training requirements include:

  • knowledge of Adelaide assessment
  • English assessment
  • an approved training course.

On completion of training you will get a certificate and Taxi Passport to present at the Accreditation and Licensing Centre to apply for your 12 month trainee taxi driver accreditation.

You will need to hold your trainee driver accreditation for a minimum of six months before you can apply for permanent taxi driver accreditation. To get that you will need to:

  • complete the hours of driving
  • professional development training
  • pass a final assessment with your training provider within the 12 month period.

If you have been a taxi driver interstate or have similar experience this may be recognised as part of your required training. Please discuss this with your training provider.

Taxi driver training providers

Suburban Taxis (Taxi Cab Training Centre)  
432 Churchill Rd, Kilburn
Ph: 8400 6266 or
Ph: 8169 9800

Taxi Council of South Australia (TCSA)
71 Richmond Rd, Mile End
Ph: 8301 8400

13CABS Taxi Training
774-778 South Rd, Glandore
Ph: 7087 9300

Access taxi

Training for access taxi drivers is provided by the Taxi Council of South Australia (TCSA).

Small passenger vehicle, country taxis

There is no minimum training requirement for country taxis, chauffeur and special purpose vehicles or rideshare driver accreditation.


Along with the other requirements for driver accreditation, a motorcycle operator must successfully complete the commercial operator motorcycle course.

The test consists of a theory component and a practical test to assess the driver’s ability to handle a motorcycle with a passenger.

This course is run through Rider Safe, call 13 10 84 or go to a Service SA customer service centre to book.

Submitting your application

Accreditation assessments are processed by the Accreditation and Licensing Centre. When you apply, make sure you provide:

  • an Australian driver's license that you have held for at least six months, which is not subject to conditions - eg a suspended or probation or provisional license.
  • Australian citizenship or valid working visa
  • Australian birth certificate, Australian passport
  • child-related employment screening for driver accreditation
  • medical and eyesight certificate.

When you lodge the Driver accreditation application form  (293.7 KB PDF) with the ALC, you will be required to read and sign the Driver accreditation declaration - MR1581 (61.5 KB PDF).

You can lodge your paperwork:

In person
Accreditation and Licensing Centre
71 Richmond Road
Mile End

Accreditation and Licensing Centre
PO Box 9
Marleston BC 5033


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