Bicycle education

Riding a bicycle helps children become confident and independent and encourages healthy, active travel choices for life.

Way2Go Bike Ed

Way2Go Bike Ed is a bicycle education program for primary school students aged 9 through 13 (Years 4 through 7) in South Australia. The students build confidence and competence as safe bike riders by:

  • learning about roads, traffic environments and road laws
  • developing physical and cognitive skills
  • practising responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision-making skills.

How schools can take part

A school can request a Way2Go Bike Ed program if it meets one of these criteria:

  • is a partner in the Way2Go initiative to promote safer, greener and more active travel for students
  • is developing a school travel plan in partnership with Way2Go
  • makes a commitment to integrate Way2Go into the school.

The program is generally delivered:

  • in metropolitan schools: as three classes of 1.5 hours each for up to 30 students, on one weekday during weeks 1 to 7 of a school term 
  • in regional schools: as classes over seven consecutive school days in the final weeks of a school term.

Assembling a child's bicycle

It is important for children's safety that bicycles are correctly assembled. Watch the Build your Child's Bike Better video showing how to fit the brakes, handlebars, front wheels and pedals on the frame and avoid common assembly errors. 

Police road safety programs

The South Australia Police present a variety of road safety education programs to schools, students and teachers, a well as business and community groups.

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