Resources for foster and kinship carers

The following resources are for foster, specific child only and kinship carers to help them in their role.

For further information, speak with your support worker or visit the Department for Child Protection (DCP) carer information section.

Checklists and standards

Information checklist for family based carers

The Information checklist for family based carers helps make sure you and the child's social worker have the information you need about the child coming into your care.

Making decisions about children in care

Who can say OK? makes it clear who is able to make day-to-day decisions and who can provide consent for children and young people placed in care.

This resource is subject to periodic updates and provides information to carers about what decisions can be made on their own or those that need further discussion with DCP.

How DCP works

How DCP works provides information about how the department operates, how DCP makes decisions, and how DCP interacts with carers.

Other supports available

After hours crisis care

Agencies supporting foster, specific child only or kinship carers will have their own arrangements in place for after hours crisis care.

However, when a foster, specific child only or kinship carer needs help with matters requiring DCP support after hours, they can call Crisis Care on 13 16 11.

If a crisis happens on a weekday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, foster, specific child only or kinship carers can contact their child’s case worker or the relevant Department for Child Protection office.

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