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Quality requirements for disability service providers

Key quality requirements

There are currently five key quality requirements for service providers receiving disability funding from Disability SA.

1. Prequalification

Non-government service providers must become a member of the Disability Services Provider Panel (DSPP) to be eligible for National Disability Agreement (NDA) funding from the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Providers receiving only South Australian Home and Community Care (HACC) funding are not required to be a member of the DSPP.

Apply to be a disability service provider

2. Agreements

Each member of the DSPP will enter into a master agreement with the South Australian Minister for Disabilities. This agreement describes the terms and conditions of being on the panel and the quality requirements that providers must meet when providing services.

There are different agreements for disability and South Australian HACC services.

3. Sector-wide policies and guidelines

Selected DHS policies apply to service providers providing disability services. It is a contract requirement to apply these policies as detailed in the NDA service agreement and the host agreement.

Policies and guidelines for disability service providers

4. Quality improvement

Disability service providers must engage in a formal quality improvement program that suits the size, type and complexity of their organisation.

One program to consider is the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).

Service providers with HACC funding are required to participate in the Community Care Common Standards quality review process.

5. Contract management and performance monitoring

Disability SA's Contracting and Sector Liaison Unit is the contact and liaison point for non-government organisations providing disability services. The Unit:

  • monitors service quality
  • collects information about key performance indicators
  • manages contractual obligations.

Quality requirements for the HACC program

Home Care Standards apply to:

  • the South Australian HACC Program and federal HACC Program
  • packaged care programs:
    • Community Aged Care packages (CACP)
    • Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH)
    • Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACH-D).
  • the National Respite for Carers Program (NRCP).

Quality reviews

Providers receiving HACC funding from both the state and federal have a single Home Care Standards review covering both funding sources. This review is required every three years.

There are three methods of review.

  1. DHS contracts Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) to review organisations with primarily South Australian HACC funding.
  2. The Quality Team in the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) leads reviews for organisations with primarily federal HACC funding.
  3. DHS and AACQA jointly undertake reviews for some organisations. These organisations will be contacted by AACQA when due for a review. Representatives of AACQA and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) will undertake the site visits together and develop the quality review report.

Home care services information and resources can be found on the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) website.

Review process

The quality review process generally spans 20 weeks. Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) or DHS will notify the organisation when its review is due. The service provider:

  • provides a self-assessment
  • participates in an on-site visit
  • receives a quality review report
  • develops a continuous improvement plan.


Contracting and Sector Liaison Unit
Disability SA
Phone 8415 4250

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