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Managing feedback in the disability sector

Non-government organisations providing services for people with disability should have a feedback process that people can use as a first option. Other options are available for feedback if an issue cannot easily be resolved.

Effective feedback systems

A feedback and incident review process supports people's rights to raise their concerns without fear of payback and is easily accessible.

Feedback provides an opportunity to make services better and safer for everyone.

Building a good feedback culture

A good feedback culture is where people feel comfortable providing either positive or negative feedback about the services they receive. Non-government organisations should:

  • regularly provide feedback information in accessible formats to clients, their families and carers
  • welcome and actively encourage feedback and support people to feel comfortable and valued when providing it
  • encourage people to raise concerns with the disability service provider first where they feel able to do so. First contact with the service providers gives them the chance to fix the problem and is often the quickest and easiest way to resolve the concern
  • advise people that they have the right to complain to an external agency if they do not feel comfortable talking with their service provider, or if they are unhappy with the outcome or with the way their feedback was handled. External agencies include:

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