A grant is financial assistance for a person or an organisation to help with things such as:

  • study or career development
  • relief or financial assistance in times of need
  • funding for ideas, initiatives and community programs.

Grants are offered by all types of government, business and organisations. This page is a good starting point to find the right grant for your circumstances.


GRANTassist is a primary resource to help you find a grant offered by the Government of South Australia. But grants are offered by all levels of government:


Businesses, organisations and learning institutions all offer financial help in the form of grants.

  • Funding Centre - lists grants from around Australia and the world. Ask your local library if they have a subscription, which you can access using your library membership.
  • Check university and school websites for information about how they help students achieve their goals.


First Home Owners Grant is available to help people buy or build a home they will live in - Revenue SA

Tenders and contracts

The South Australian Tenders and Contracts website publishes bidding opportunities available to the public within the Government of South Australian.

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