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Energy concession discount offer

Energy concession customers are eligible for the SA Concession Energy Discount Offer (SACEDO) with Origin Energy. Concession customers can choose to take up this offer, which is available in addition to the energy concession.

The SACEDO includes:

  • a guaranteed ongoing 20% off electricity usage and supply charges (Origin will provide customers 90 days' notice of any changes)
  • flexible payment options
  • no late payment, processing, paper bill, credit card or exit fees.

Visit Energy Made Easy for help assessing whether the SACEDO is the best energy plan for your household.


On 1 July 2019, the Australian Energy Regulator introduced the Default Market Offer (DMO) which is the standard electricity price for South Australians. From 1 July 2019, the SACEDO provides a discount on the DMO prices.

Customers who signed up to SACEDO before 1 July 2019 will continue to be charged at their current discounted rate.

New customers will be charged a discount on the new DMO prices.

Charges (excluding GST) for customers who signed up before 1 July 2019:

Usage for first 10.9589 kWh/day36.38 cents/kWh29.10 cents/kWh
Usage for the balance kWh/day38.84 cents/kWh31.07 cents/kWh
Supply charge (daily)82.12 cents65.70 cents
Controlled load19.06 cents/kWh15.25 cents/kWh

Charges (excluding GST) for customers who sign up after 1 July 2019:

Current DMOSACEDO discount on DMO
Usage for first 10.9589 kWh/day36.58 cents/kWh29.26 cents/kWh
Usage for the balance kWh/day39.04 cents/kWh31.23 cents/kWh
Supply charge (daily)82.55 cents66.04 cents
Controlled load19.85 cents/kWh15.88 cents/kWh

How to apply

The SACEDO is only available to energy concession recipients.

Phone Origin on 1300 791 465 to apply.

What happens next

If you are already an Origin customer, the discount will start as soon as you contact Origin and agree to the plan.

If you are not an Origin customer, Origin will organise a special meter read free of charge (which may take up to 13 business days) and transfer your energy account.

Origin cannot transfer your concession, you must contact ConcessionsSA once you have received your first electricity bill.


People who take up the SACEDO are also eligible for a discounted gas plan which includes:

  • a guaranteed ongoing 11% off gas usage and supply charges (Origin will provide customers 20 days' notice of any changes)
  • flexible payment options
  • no late payment, processing, paper bill, credit card or exit fees.

Phone Origin on 1300 791 465 if you are a SACEDO customer and want to apply for the discounted gas plan.




ConcessionsSA Hotline (9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday) - 1800 307 758

Interpreting and translating

To arrange an onsite or telephone interpreter, or to have a document translated, please call the Interpreting and Translating Centre (ITC) on 1800 280 203.

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