Aboriginal carers

Some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers may get enough support from services available to all carers. Others may need specific support because of their individual circumstances.

Support organisations

Some carer support organisations, particularly in country areas, offer support specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers.

  • Carers SA Northern Country (phone 1800 242 636) covers the northern country area and provides:
    • support groups for Aboriginal people
    • retreat programs for Aboriginal people
    • a community visiting service (outreach)
    • specific assistance to Aboriginal carers of people with mental illness.
  • Northern Carers Network (phone 8284 0388) covers the northern metro area and provides:
    • respite and care dedicated to Aboriginal carers
    • Aboriginal support groups for grandparent and parent carers
    • barbecues and retreats.
  • Carer Support (phone 8379 5777) covers the south-eastern metro area and provides respite services specific to Aboriginal people. They provide Caring in the Aboriginal Community, a unique online learning/training package that raises awareness of specific issues faced by carers in Aboriginal communities. The package provides a range of learning materials and formats, including fact-sheets and video.
  • Carers SA (phone 1800 242 636) provides information resources for Aboriginal carers through their Carer Advisory Service.

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