Amalgamation of club liquor licences

If two or more incorporated clubs amalgamate, their liquor licenses can be merged into one.

The amalgamating bodies can choose which premises the newly amalgamated club licence will operate from.

If one of the clubs has a gaming machine licence, and the newly amalgamated body wishes to continue to hold that gaming machine licence, the replacement liquor licence can only be issued for the premises that holds the gaming machine licence.

When applying you'll need to to upload a copy of the certificate of amalgamation (a legible photo is acceptable).

Fee: $140.00

What happens next

You can log in to LGO at any time to track the progress of your application.

You'll also receive periodic email notifications asking you to log in to receive important information such as the date that your application will be considered (determination date).

If the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner or police raise any concerns regarding a member of the new committee, CBS will contact you.

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming


Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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