Local liquor accords

A 'local liquor accord' is a document that sets out terms to manage the supply of liquor on licensed premises in order to prevent or reduce alcohol-related violence. They are not to be confused with ‘liquor accords’ which are meetings held by holders of liquor licences, often with a representative of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, South Australia Police and the local council, to discuss strategies for the management of liquor.

Each local liquor accord is tailored specifically to a local area and contains strategies to:

  • deal with the misuse of liquor
  • minimise harm
  • support responsible service principles
  • ensure safety in the local community.

A local liquor accord only applies to those members who have consented to be a party to it.

Measures introduced as part of an approved local liquor accord are exempt from the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) and the Competition Code of South Australia. For example, restrictions on the amount or type of alcohol sold by licensees in a particular area would not 'lessen competition' within the meaning of the CCA.

Creating a local liquor accord

One or more licensees plus one or more of the following can prepare a draft local liquor accord and submit it to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner for approval:

  • the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner
  • the Commissioner of Police
  • a local council (or council representative).

The draft must include:

  • the name of each party to the draft
  • the name and address of the coordinator for the local liquor accord (a party to the draft, or a representative of a party to the draft)
  • the proposed area to be covered by the local liquor accord.

A local liquor accord may include terms that authorise or require any licensees who are party to the accord to:

  • cease or restrict the sale of liquor (including take-away)
  • cease or restrict consumption of liquor on the licensed premises at certain times
  • restrict access to the licensed premises.

You may create your own local liquor accord document or use the template (70KB PF) provided by Consumer and Business Services (CBS). This can be emailed to for approval.


To take effect, a local liquor accord must be approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

Before approving an accord the Commissioner must determine the area the accord applies to by taking into account the area detailed in the draft, and any other relevant matters.

The Commissioner can:

  • vary a local liquor accord, including removing or adding a person
  • terminate a local liquor accord by the Commissioner's initiative, or by application of the coordinator
  • publish approved local liquor accords on the CBS website.

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