Apply for a liquor licence

One-off event (limited) liquor licence

You need a one off event (limited) liquor licence if you will be selling alcohol at events such as:

  • parties
  • functions
  • exhibitions
  • festivals.

Before you begin

You will need to provide details of your function and describe how liquor will be served.

You may also need to provide:

  • written approval from the council and landlord
  • views of the local police
  • a plan of the site
  • details of any approved crowd controllers
  • number of toilets
  • type and location of prescribed entertainment (if applicable).

Large, outdoor or high risk events may also need details about:

  • any marquees - size and location
  • medical/first aid and ambulance services
  • public liability insurance details
  • risk and emergency procedures.

Glass containers at outdoor functions

You must get approval from CBS to supply alcohol in glass containers at outdoor functions.

Under 'other essential information' in the online application, list the method of serving as glass. If you serve alcohol in glass containers that are not approved, you will be fined.

Who can apply

The host or person organising the event needs to apply for the licence.

Existing licence holders who want to change or extend their trading hours or trading area, or add prescribed entertainment consent for a one-off event can apply.

If more than one business will be supplying alcohol at an event, such as a weekend festival, only one application needs to be lodged on behalf of all businesses or stallholders. A single licence will be granted for the event.

How to apply


Complete the online application

Apply now

Processing times

Applications must be lodged no later than the following times:

  • small events such as parties or functions - no later than 14 days before the event
  • large events such as exhibitions or festivals that will run longer than 3 days - no later than 60 days before the event.

Applications lodged outside of these time frames are considered late applications and will incur additional fees.

There is no guarantee that you will be granted a licence if your application is late. The time frames allow CBS time to properly assess the application and seek the views of relevant stakeholders such as local council and police.


Standard applicationsFee

Standard application - fee per day of licence


Event is for a charity or community purpose

No fee

Application to vary/amend an existing licence


Multiple applicantsFee

3 applicants


6 applicants


10 applicants


15 applicants


20 applicants


More than 20 applicants


High risk events


Any of the following:

  • if the event is outdoors for more than 300 people (can trade past 1.00 am)
  • boxing, martial arts or other adult entertainment
  • the maximum capacity multiplied by the number of days for the event is greater than 1,000 people (can trade past 1.00 am)
  • the maximum capacity multiplied by the number of days for the event is greater than 5,000 people
  • the licensing authority determines that the event will need significant resources to administer or enforce the Act


Late feesFee

Lodged less than 14 days before the event - for small events

Lodged less than 60 days before the event - for large events, exhibitions, festivals or high risk events



You must display this sign in a prominent position if minors can access the licensed area.

You must be 18 to consume liquor on this premises sign

Notice to people under 18 years (PDF 90KB)

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming

131 882

91 Grenfell St

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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