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Liquor producer's licence


All liquor application fees are set out on the website of Consumer and Business Services (CBS).




A producer's licence authorises the sale of liquor produced by the licensee, at any time:

  • on the licensed premises for consumption off the licensed premises
  • to a diner for consumption in a designated dining area with, or ancillary to, a meal provided by the licensee in that area or in a specified area subject to restrictions specified by the licensing authority.

The licensee is also permitted to sell or supply liquor by way of sample for consumption on a part of the licensed premises approved for that purpose by the licensing authority.

This licence also permits the licensee to sell liquor at any time through direct sales transactions.

Liquor production

A licensee can only sell liquor that is uniquely the licensee's own product. If the licensee is a related body corporate the liquor produced by the related body corporate can be sold.

Wine must be produced by one of two methods:

  • fermenting by, or under the direction of, the licensee - this must be uniquely the licensee's own product
  • blending wine produced from Australian primary produce with a substantial proportion of wine fermented by, or under the direction of, the licensee, and which is uniquely the licensee's own product. The licensee must assume the financial risk of the production.

Apply for a licence

Apply for a producer's licence on the CBS website.

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