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Land agents

Individuals and companies must be registered as land agents with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) if they carry on a business that:

  • buys, sells or otherwise deals with land or businesses
  • negotiates the buying or selling of land or businesses.

Land agents are also called real estate agents.

Who can register

Sole traders, partners in a business and companies (including their directors) can apply unless they have legal restrictions on their work or business. Legal restrictions can include things such as bankruptcy, financial receivership or a suspended trade licence.

You or your company can't apply if you were a director of a company that was wound up to pay creditors in the last five years. This includes if you were a director six months before winding up started.

Who doesn't need to register

Lawyers and people who are working in mortgage financing don't need to register if the work they're doing involves land or business sales.

Sales representatives

Sales representatives work for land agents and are involved in selling and leasing land and businesses. Sales representatives must be registered with CBS.

You won't be able to register if you have restrictions on your work such as a suspended trade or business licence.

Registered land agents don't need a separate registration if they are working as a sales representative.


Auctioneers need the same qualifications as either a land agent or a sales representative. They also need a statement of attainment from CPP07 Property Services Training Package for both of the following units:

  • CPPDSM4004A - Conduct auction
  • CPPDSM4019A - Prepare for auction and complete sale.

Add the 'auctioneer' option when filling out the land agent application form or the sales representative application form.

Before you begin

Check you have the right qualifications to register.

Qualifications for land agents

Sale representative qualifications

Offences and convictions

You may not be able to register if you (or a director of the company) have been convicted of:

  • Category A offence - serious (indictable) offence of dishonesty
  • Category B offence - summary offence of dishonesty in the last ten years.

Refer to Offences and convictions for detail about these types of offences.

Police clearance

Include with your registration a copy of your National Police Certificate (NPC) no more than 12 months old.

Apply for an NPC through:

South Australian Police

National police checking service - list of organisations

You do not need a NPC if you:

  • are director of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • have lodged a NPC with CBS within the last year
  • are an overseas resident and have never lived in Australia
  • have held a licence within the last year and are applying for an equivalent licence
  • have already supplied a NPC for a different licence issued under this Act.

Fees - new registrations

Land agents 
Add auctioneer or vary a registration$119
Sales representatives $506

How to apply - new or update a registration


1. Complete the form

Fill in the registration form.

Register - land agent

Register - sales representative

2. Print and sign

Print and sign the completed form.

3. Scan and upload

Scan and upload the signed form along with your supporting evidence.

4. Payment

You can pay by credit card using the CBS secure service. Check the registration form for your total fee.

In person

1. Complete the form

Fill in the application.

Register as a land agent

Register as a sales representative

2. Print and sign

Print and sign the completed form.

3. Lodgement

Take your registration to CBS Customer Service Centre or to a Service SA regional office along with your supporting evidence and payment.


1. Complete the form

Fill in the application form, then print and sign it

Register as a land agent

Register as a sales representative

2. Payment

Make a cheque or money order payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs.

3. Lodgement

Post your registration, supporting evidence and payment to:

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001


If you're not able to register online, by post or in person, call 131 882 to discuss your options.

Renew your licence

You will need to renew your licence every 12 months.

Renewal fees

Land agents 
Sales representatives $222

How to renew


Make sure you have your licence number ready to renew online. You can pay by credit card using our secure service.

Renew online


Phone 1300 668 531

Make sure you have your licence ready when you call. You can pay by credit card.


Make cheque or money orders payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs and attach to the front page of your renewal.

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

In person

Renew and pay for your licence at:

CBS Customer Service Centre
91 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000

or a Service SA regional office.

Changes that will affect your licence

Notify CBS within 14 days if you have committed an offence or have had legal restrictions placed on your work or business, such as bankruptcy, financial receivership, suspended or disqualified work licence.

You will also need to advise CBS when you:

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Contact Consumer and Business Services


131 882

In person

91 Grenfell Street


GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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