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Labour hire licence

Applications for a labour hire licence are not being accepted at this time.
In the interim, you can continue to operate as normal while we wait for the outcome of the repeal.
If you have already applied for a licence, CBS will promptly refund application fees that have been paid if the legislation is successfully repealed by Parliament.

The state government has introduced legislation to repeal the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017, following feedback raised by stakeholders.

If you have any further questions, please email CBS at are three aspects to a labour hire agreement. A host employer pays a labour hire business to provide a worker. The labour hire business pays the worker in part or in full, including wages, accommodation, meal allowance. The worker performs work for the host employer.

For more information see the labour hire update.

What is labour hire?

A labour hire business provides workers to another business and pays a worker's wages, accommodation or meal allowance either in full or in part. Labour hire services are commonly referred to as on-hire arrangements.

The diagram indicates how a labour hire agreement works. All three elements must be present for it to be considered a labour hire agreement.

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