Works approval - environment

A business that constructs or alters a building or structure intended for an activity licensed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) may be required to obtain a works approval.

How to apply

Complete the relevant application form for:

  • new works approval
  • exemption.

Who should apply

New works approval

Any business establishing an activity that does not require development approval may be required to obtain an EPA works approval before applying for a licence.

The new works approval application is similar to a development application. It consists of an environmental assessment carried out for the EPA before it considers a licence application.

Licence exemption

A business or person undertaking an activity that will generate excessive pollution may require an EPA exemption. Pollution includes noise, dust, smoke, odour, water, waste or stormwater.

Exemptions are a form of environmental authorisation. The proposed activity is assessed in terms of the risk of potential harm to the environment and human health.


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