Environment licensing

Any person or business undertaking activities with potential to harm the environment may need a licence from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Polluting activities may include:

  • management, production or transport of solid or liquid waste
  • noise
  • production of heat
  • emissions into the air or water.

    It is your responsibility to determine if you need a licence for the proposed activity. Undertaking a prescribed activity without a licence could result in a fine of up to $120,000.

    View the full list of activities that may require a licence in Schedule 1 of the Environment Protection Act 1993. Alternatively, contact the EPA or the local council's planning department.

    If an activity requires development consent you must obtain this before applying for a licence. Check with the local council.


    The term of an EPA licence is generally five years but can vary from one to ten years, based on the EPA's assessment of the risk or duration of the activity.

    Renew your licence

    If your licence expires you may need to apply for a new one.

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    Contact the EPA

    Phone: 8204 2058
    Freecall (outside metro): 1800 623 445
    Fax: 8124 4672
    Email: licensing.epa@epa.sa.gov.au

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