Pest control licence

Anyone carrying out pest control work for a fee or reward must hold an appropriate licence.

Carrying out work without a licence can result in fines of up to $5,000.

All applications for a licence or exemption must be done online.

Check the requirements before you begin:


Pest management technician's licence

To be eligible for a full pest management technician's licence you must hold the appropriate qualifications.

If you don't hold the necessary qualifications you may be eligible to apply for a limited pest management technician's licence. The limited licence requires you to:

  • work only under the direct supervision (within sight and sound) of a fully licensed person
  • not to give advice or make recommendations about the use of pesticides
  • commence the appropriate training courses as soon as possible from the date the licence is issued
  • have successfully completed all required training courses within a maximum period of two years.

Pest controller's licence

A pest controller's licence is required to operate a pest control business. All pest management technicians must work under a pest controller's licence, either their own or their employer's. To be eligible for a pest controller's licence, you need to meet these criteria:

  • hold a full pest management technician's licence or employ someone who does
  • have adequate knowledge of all relevant regulations and of the practices that should be followed in the conduct of a pest control business
  • have the appropriate equipment to carry out the work.


Pest control licences are not needed if the activities being undertaken:

  • involve (only) applying glyphosate using hand-held equipment of a capacity of 15 litres or less
  • are only on your property
  • have been formally exempted from the requirement to hold a licence.


A pest controller's licence and a full pest management technician's licence may be issued or renewed for one year or three years. Licence renewal forms are sent out a few weeks before the licence expiry date.

A limited pest management technician's licence is valid for one year and can be renewed only once, for one year.


If you hold a limited licence and have the necessary qualifications for a full technician's licence you can apply to upgrade.

Upgrade application form - SA Health

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