High risk work licence

Who should apply

A licence to perform high risk work is required for:

  • forklift operation
  • rigging and dogging work
  • scaffolding work
  • crane and hoist operation
  • pressure equipment operation.

The licence is recognised Australia-wide (older style tickets and certificates of competency are no longer valid).

How to apply or add a class

1. Training

To obtain a licence to perform high risk work or add a new class to your existing licence, you must undertake the appropriate training.

Find a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) on the Australian Government's national training website.

Once you have completed your training, you will be assessed by an assessor who is accredited with SafeWork SA. Accredited assessors must be affiliated with an RTO, so this may be arranged for you.

Your assessor will ask you to sign a declaration that you are over 18 years of age and have not previously been issued with a licence for this class of work.

2. Assessment

During your assessment, you will do a written theory exam and a practical test. Your assessor will provide you with written feedback about your results - this is your assessment summary. If you have a successful assessment, your accredited assessor will provide you with:

  • notice of satisfactory assessment
  • tax invoice.

Both of these documents are valid for 60 days from the date of assessment and you must pay your tax invoice during this time to receive your licence.

Go to the Safework SA website for application fees.

3. Payment

Take your tax invoice to a Service SA centre or a participating Australia Post location.

You also need:

Your application will then be processed and your new licence to perform high risk work will be posted to you.

Renewals and updates

Use SafeWork SA's client portal to renew a licence, update your contact details and view payment history and expiry dates for each of your licences.

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