South Australian commercial fishing licences

Licence names

  • Charter boat fishing
  • Fish processor registration
  • Marine scalefish, including sardine and mud cockle
  • Rock lobster - southern zone and northern zone
  • Abalone - southern, central and western zone
  • Prawns - Gulf of St Vincent, Spencer Gulf, west coast
  • Blue crab
  • Lakes and Coorong, including pipi - Goolwa cockle
  • Permits and exemptions

Who should apply

Commercial fishers in South Australia need to:

  • hold a licence or permit in respect of the particular fishery
  • register the boat to be used for fishing activity under a licence or permit in respect of the fishery
  • ensure that the person in charge of the boat is registered as the master of the boat
  • register devices to be used for fishing activity under a licence or permit in respect of the fishery.
  • How to apply

    Currently, there are no new licences available for any of South Australia's commercial wildcatch fisheries. Access to these fisheries is only available through licence transfer.

    Under the Fisheries Management Act 2007 the Director of Fisheries can issue policy directives, notices and ministerial permits and exemptions to allow for permits and exemptions in specific circumstances.

    The PIRSA website website has information about:

  • specific licences associated with commercial fishing in South Australia
  • licence transfer
  • licence holders.
  • Duration

    Licence terms are aligned with the length of time of the fisheries management plan.

    If there is no management plan licences are annual.

    Permits can be provided for anything from one to three years.

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