Prison industries

Seven prisons have industry facilities that provide a wide range of services. Businesses can either purchase products or use a service.

By providing employment and rehabilitation for prisoners, prison industries focus on:

  • producing goods for export
  • replacing imported goods
  • helping markets meet excess demand for certain products.

We will tailor solutions to meet your requirements - bespoke, unique or specialised constructions or services can be catered for. Benefits include:

  • reduced manufacturing costs
  • improved quality
  • increased efficiency
  • flexibility to adapt to customer requirements.

Products and capabilities


  • metal products
  • timber products
  • pallet assembly
  • domestic furniture
  • commercial furniture
  • coffins
  • concrete products
  • cement pavers
  • cement sleepers
  • statues
  • garden pots
  • textile products
  • general assembly
  • clothes pegs
  • agricultural produce:
    • citrus
    • olive oil
    • milk
  • vehicle repairs:
    • retro-fitting trailers
    • specialised tray tops

Skills and capabilities

The prisons have a variety of skills and capabilities.

Metal work - metal fabrication, welding, tool and die machining, powder coating, spray painting and finishing.

Timber - timber manufacture, millwork, domestic and commercial furniture manufacture, furniture repair and restoration.

Concrete - concrete product manufacture.

Textiles - specialist textile manufacture (including weaving, cutting and sewing), upholstery repairs, clothing manufacturing and repair, blanket manufacturing, arts and craftwork.

General assembly - packaging work, small assembly projects, process assembly (electrical component sub assembly), deconstruction.

Farming and agriculture - plant propagation, grain growing and cropping, market garden produce ( including hydroponically-grown vegetables and glass house produce), dairy production, orchards, aquaculture.

Kitchen services - bakery.

Commercial laundry services - washing, ironing, dying capabilities.

Vehicle repairs - mechanical drop pits.

Accreditation and quality management

All prison industry sites have gained ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for their quality management systems.

This means that the sites have demonstrated their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet both customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Catering and baking operations are HACCP certified.

Buying and ordering

DCS places a high priority in ensuring prison pndustries will benefit local industry and the South Australian economy.

The work the prisoners do must not compete with or endanger a local supplier and we will not undertake a contract:

  • if there is likely competition from a local market or local supplier
  • if there is the possibility that job losses could occur in the local community.

We don't enter into partnerships with companies looking for support due to hardship or financial difficulties.

Contractual agreement

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that both parties agree to for the life of the partnership.

Our responsibilities

Businesses dealing with us don't have to worry about the safety or security of prisoners or the prison. Workers will not become employees of the company.

  • direction, supervision, custody and control of the worker at all times
  • custody, care and control of workers and all inmates at each facility
  • providing a safe working environment.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for providing safe materials and equipment and the skills to handle them:

  • consumable materials
  • ensuring the appropriateness and safe condition of materials and equipment
  • training to the workers.

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