Motor boat initial registration fees

These fees apply when registering a motor boat not previously registered for recreational use in South Australia.

Fees listed in the tables below are effective from 1 July 2021.

Initial (new) registration fees 6 monthsRegistration Facilities levy Total fee
Up to 3.1 m length$25nil$25
Greater than 3.1 m up to 3.5 m length$25 $19
Greater than 3.5 m up to 5 m length$46$28$74
Greater than 5 m up to 6 m length$46$35$81
Greater than 6 m up to 7 m length$102$42$144
Personal watercraft$189$19$208

Six month option not available on vessels greater than 7 metres in length.

Initial (new) registration 12 monthsRegistration Facilities Levy Total Fee
Up to 3.1 m length$50$nil$50
Greater than 3.1 m up to 3.5 m length          $50$38$88
Greater than 3.5 m up to 5 m length$92$56$148
Greater than 5 m up to 6 m length$92$69$161
Greater than 6 m up to 7 m length$202$83$285
Greater than 7 m up to 8 m length$202$92$294
Greater than 8 m up to 9 m length$202$102$304
Greater than 9 m up to 10 m length$202$114$316
Greater than 10 m up to 11 m length$287$127$414
Greater than 11 m up to 12 m length$287$138$425
Greater than 12 m up to 13 m length$287$150$437
Greater than 13 m up to 14 m length$287$161$448
Greater than 14 m up to 15 m length$287$171$458
Greater than 15 m up to 16 m length$375$183$558
Greater than 16 m up to 17 m length$375$197$572
Greater than 17 m up to 18 m length$375$206$581
Greater than 18 m up to 19 m length$375$217$592
Greater than 19 m up to 20 m length$375$231$606
Greater than 20 m length$432$286$718
Personal watercraft$375$38$413

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