Apply for an aquatic activity licence

Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event along with all supporting documentation. An aquatic activity licence is required for events where:

No fee applies.

How to apply

1. Event details

You must provide:

  • details of activities that you'll be undertaking in your application.
  • duty vessels during the event to advise water users not participating in the event about the closed area, particularly if high-speed activity is underway.

2. Insurance

You will need to provide evidence of adequate public liability insurance, at least $20 million, to cater for any claim of personal injury or damage to property.

3. Submit application

Complete an online application for an aquatic activity licence.

4. Public notice

If your application is approved, you must place a public notice about the activity, at your expense, in specified media, newspapers or publications.

Special conditions

Special conditions that could also apply include:

  • speed restrictions
  • marker buoys
  • safety equipment
  • access provisions or restrictions
  • duty vessels.

During your approved aquatic sport or activity duty vessels must be in place to advise other vessels, not participating in the event about passing the closed area. In many cases this could involve a short wait to allow a high speed activity to conclude, so that the safety of all persons and vessels is maintained.



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