Access to government information and data

Open government data

Open data means providing unrestricted data and information to everyone. Open data can:

  • promote innovation and new business opportunities through the reuse of data
  • allow greater transparency through public scrutiny of government activities.

The state government has made data available for use by business and the community. All government agencies are required to make their data publicly accessible. This data is held on the government data directory.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1991 gives you a legal right to access documents held by government. The Act allows you to:

  • request access to documents from a state government agency, local council or university
  • request changes to documents relating to you which are incomplete, incorrect, out-of-date or misleading
  • seek a review of a decision made by a state government agency, local council or university.

Making an FOI application

FOI application forms are available online, through the State Records of South Australia website. You can also go directly to the government agency that holds the information you are seeking.

State Records has details about:

  • the type of documents you can access
  • how to make an FOI application
  • how to apply to amend your personal information within a document that is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading.

Proactive disclosure of government information

Government information that is regularly released under FOI is available on each department's website.

List of departments

Cabinet documents

Cabinet has approved the proactive publication of selected cabinet documents, when they become 10 years old. These documents are available to members of the public without needing an FOI application.

The first group of cabinet documents to be proactively published are from the year 2002. At the start of every year, more cabinet documents will be published as they become 10 years old.

While this process gives greater access to cabinet documents, exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 may still apply to protect personal privacy, national security, law enforcement and public safety. This may mean you will not be able to access parts of some cabinet documents.

Accountable government - Department of the Premier and Cabinet

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