Transactions requiring a verified account

You need a verified mySA GOV account to access these licensing and registration transactions:

  • do the myLs learner's permit course and theory test
  • check demerit points
  • renew or replace your driver’s licence or permit
  • digital renewal notices for registration
  • set up direct debit for registration
  • update your residential or postal address
  • transfer registration
  • lodge a notice of disposal
  • apply for an unregistered vehicle permit
  • apply for a proof of age card
  • apply for a driver's licence report
  • access your documents - eg registration details certificate, tax invoice
  • apply for or renew a special number plate
  • order a replacement number plate
  • submit a medical self-assessment.

Proof of identity

Individuals need:

  • a South Australian driver’s licence or learner’s permit photo card
  • a registration renewal notice for any vehicle registered to you – the payment number is required to confirm your identity.

Organisations need a renewal notice for a vehicle registered to the organisation.

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