Terms of use - mySAGOV account

For enquiries about these terms and conditions or the mySAGOV account, email myaccountassistance@sa.gov.au.


For the purpose of these Terms of Use:

  • 'mySAGOV' refers to the mySAGOV account (formerly known as the 'EzyReg account'), the systems that host the data accessed by the account and the means of access to this data.
  • a reference to 'us' 'we' or 'our' is a reference to the Crown in right of the State of South Australia and includes its agents, instrumentalities, officers and employees from time to time.

By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree to your information being checked with the document issuer or official record holder via third party systems for the purpose of confirming your identity.

Use of the information and data contained in the mySAGOV account is at your sole risk.

We strive to protect the information you provide through your mySAGOV account. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that your information is not compromised. However, we cannot guarantee that no harmful code* will enter mySAGOV. You should be aware of the risks associated with using websites and online accounts.

* Harmful code means any form of harmful surreptitious code or other contaminants, including viruses, bugs, Trojan horses, spyware or adware.

We recommend that you use appropriate and up-to-date operating systems, firewall software and anti-virus software where appropriate to protect your computer systems and smartphones.

If you use automatic language translation services in connection with mySAGOV you do so at your own risk.

We may revise these terms of use at any time by updating this posting.

Please note that mySAGOV communicates with our other computer systems that may retain your account information for the purpose of retrieving and displaying your credentials, paying your registration renewals via direct debit, sending electronic notifications or undertaking the service you have requested.

We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, and accept no liability however arising (including, without limitation, liability in negligence), in connection with the following:

  • the completeness, reliability, quality, accuracy, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the information and data contained in mySAGOV or on any linked website (or any translation of the data or information into another language)
  • the availability of mySAGOV or the availability of websites or services linked to or from mySAGOV
  • any infection by computer virus or other contamination or third party interference to your information, data, computer or software
  • the reliability that applications initiated through mySAGOV will in fact be received or made to the intended recipient. You are advised to confirm the application by other means.


  • do not sponsor, endorse or necessarily approve of any material on sites linked to or from mySAGOV
  • do not authorise the infringement of any intellectual property rights contained in material in linked websites or services, or accept any responsibility for conduct associated with linked sites.

Your responsibilities

You must:

  • not access or seek to access any other person's mySAGOV Account
  • not permit any other person to use your user name and password
  • keep your mySAGOV account user name, password and your security questions and answers secure at all times
  • let Service SA know immediately if you suspect that the security of your mySAGOV account may have been compromised - for instance, if your password or username has been lost or stolen. Contact Service SA by emailing myaccountassistance@sa.gov.au.

You should:

  • change your password regularly
  • keep your details updated.

Privacy and security statement

This statement sets out policies relating to the privacy and security of your personal information and security of your other information in mySAGOV. This privacy and security statement applies only to mySAGOV.

mySAGOV is operated in accordance with our information privacy principles (IPPs). If we need to share your personal information with a third party, then we will ensure that we comply with the IPPs. mySAGOV administrators are required to protect and handle your personal information in accordance with the IPPs. A copy of the IPPs can be obtained from the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s website: http://dpc.sa.gov.au/privacy.

No attempt will be made to identify users or their activities except for law enforcement, contact tracing purposes.

Information is analysed regularly to determine usage statistics and to improve the service.

mySAGOV retains the email addresses of people who create accounts for the purpose of allowing users to log in and to send notifications based on the user’s subscription preferences.

When you perform a mySAGOV transaction we update our relevant databases and store transaction information to use for future transactions and for audit purposes.

Your name, address, credit card information or personal information will not be sold or given away to any other person, company or organisation without your consent. However, we must cooperate fully should a situation arise where we are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer.

All information is securely transmitted using standard encryption processes.

We are responsible for the privacy and security of information while it is collected, stored on or passing through mySAGOV. Our agencies and instrumentalities are responsible for the privacy and security of information collected by, stored on or passing through their own systems.

You should note that there are inherent risks associated with transmission of information via the Internet. You should make your own assessment of the potential risks to the security of your information when making a decision as to whether or not you should utilise mySAGOV. There are alternative ways to obtaining information from, and transacting business with, us for those users who do not wish to use the Internet.

Please note that mySAGOV communicates to our other computer systems which will retain your enrolment information, for the purpose intended by that connection and or interaction.

Contracted parties who provide services to facilitate the operation of this service are subject to confidentiality agreements and any identified breaches of these agreements could result in prosecution.

The content of this privacy and security statement may be updated from time to time, so we suggest that if you return to this page on a regular basis that you carefully read the information provided.

Applicable laws

Your use of the mySAGOV account and these terms of use are governed by the laws of the State of South Australia, Australia. Any claim relating to use of the mySAGOV account will be heard by the courts of South Australia.

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