Home energy audits

Because your energy bill isn’t itemised like a mobile phone bill or shopping receipt, it can be hard to tell how energy is used in your home. Doing a home energy audit can help you understand what the main energy users in your home are and help you find ways to reduce your energy use to keep your energy bills to a minimum.

You can do your own basic home energy audit or borrow a Home Energy Toolkit for a more detailed audit.

Can I get a professional home energy audit?

Home energy audits for low income households

Low income households may be eligible for a free home energy audit through the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES). Contact any of the REES obliged retailers or third party contractors to find out if they are currently offering audits.

Home energy audits for other households

If your household is not eligible for a free audit through the REES, you may be able to hire someone to audit your home. Contact your energy retailer and ask if they offer audits to customers or contact the third party contractors delivering audits through REES to see if they can assist you.

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Page last updated: 6 October 2016