Energy efficiency information, advice and programs for businesses

Reducing the amount of water and energy your business uses, and the waste it produces, could help your bottom line and boost your green credentials.

In South Australia there are a range of services and grants available to help businesses become more sustainable.

Saving energy for small businesses

For South Australian businesses that use less than 160MWh of electricity a year, many of the household energy saving tips and advice can be used to help reduce your energy consumption.

Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is a South Australian government initiative that requires larger energy providers to help households and businesses save energy. This includes offering energy audits and energy efficiency activities.

For more information see Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Commercial building energy efficiency disclosure

When selling or leasing an office space of 2,000 square meters or more, most sellers or lessors must obtain and disclose an up-to-date energy efficiency rating.

The commercial building disclosure program has been developed by the Australian, state and territory governments under the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency as part of a broad package of measures to encourage building energy efficiency.

For more information on commercial building energy efficiency including the national building framework, see Energy efficient commercial buildings.

Energy saving for tenants in office buildings

The Energy Management Guide for Tenants has been designed to assist tenants in office buildings to manage their energy use efficiently while having the light, warmth, cooling and power needed to support their business's operations. It explains how energy savings can be made by tenants in office buildings.

Compare business electricity prices and plans

Small businesses (defined as an electricity customer consuming less than 160 MWh of electricity per year) can compare their electricity prices and plans using the Energy Made Easy energy price comparison service. The small business estimator requires electricity bills from the past 12 months.

Zero Waste SA Industry Program

Zero Waste SA is encouraging South Australian business and industries to adopt sustainable practices through the Zero Waste SA Industry Program.

The Industry Program is designed to help businesses take a systematic approach to managing water, energy, waste, and human and financial support. Industry sectors being targeted include printing, hotels and entertainment venues, electronic, food manufacturing and wine.

For more details see the Industry Program page on the Zero Waste SA website.Zero Waste also offers a range of information and other services to help businesses recycle. See Business recycling resources on the Zero Waste SA website.

SA Water - Business Sustainability Group

SA Water's Business Sustainability Group (BSG) assists commercial and industrial customers with direction and advice on reducing their water use. See the SA Water website for more details.

Energy Efficiency Exchange (EEX) online information 

The EEX website helps Australian businesses support energy efficient practices with information, training advice and referral points for funding and local business programs. Visit the EEX website to find out more.

CleverGreen Eco-Innovation program

The CleverGreen™ Eco-Innovation program helps companies develop innovative solutions that promote resource efficiency and re-use to facilitate the 'greening' of South Australia's manufacturing industry. For more information see Department of State Development (DSD).

Building Innovation Fund

The Building Innovation Fund was a $2 million funding program that ran between 2008 and 2012 to demonstrate innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of existing commercial buildings.

Find out more about the Building Innovation Fund projects that demonstrated new and leading edge approaches to reducing a building's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions were funded.

Climate change sector agreements

Climate change sector agreements are formal cooperative agreements between the Government of South Australia and businesses, industry sectors, community groups and regions to help tackle climate change.

Emissions Reduction Fund

Funding may be made available to businesses for abatement activities through the Australian Government's Emissions Reduction Fund. The Australian Government is currently consulting on design options for the fund. For more information see Emissions Reduction Fund.

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